Friday, February 17, 2012

Today is one of my favorite days

Every year about this time we butcher hogs. I have to say that even though it is hard work all weekend its one of the funnest weekends of the year. We get to see friends and family we dont see all year and we get a freezer full of pork. Jons grandfather started butchering a long long time ago. When he passed away in 1980 Jons dad kept it going. For the most part the same people that helped back 32 years ago still take part today. Now we have three generations helping. Jons nephew who is 7 started last year helping a little more by working the hand stuffer. We start on Friday after noon and dont stop till Sunday evening. I will have to post a little more on the process but I am in a rush to get Shelby to her Grandmas so she can go to a birthday party. I hope you all have a great weekend!