Thursday, January 21, 2010

To much!

Thinking about to many things to pick just what to write about!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well today started out very different. Jon was called off work this morning due to the rain, so he slept in with Shelby and I. That was nice. My alarm went off at 7 to get Shelbers up and ready for school. Jon being off offered to get her up and going and take her. Shelby was very excited about that. So we all got ready and took her to school. Droped her off everything was great. Jon and I came home and made breakfest then went over to the shop so he could work on some stuff and I could work on some billing. Well about 1030 I got a phone call from Shelbys teacher that she had been playing on a scooter in the gym and fell busting her chinn open. So off to the er we went. She was so good in the er untial they brought out the needle. So they had to put her in a little straight jacket it was sad. She ended up getting 2 stiches. They should get to come out next Wendsday. well that was my day. Hope yours was better.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So as most of you know I LOVE sleep!!! My list of love goes

1. Sleep
2. Food
3. Shelby
4. Jon
5. Friends

Yes call me what you want I put sleep and food before my child and future husband. At least I don't hide it. In speaking of sleep, aren't children supposed to start sleeping through the night at 4 or 5 months? If this is the case then can someone please inform my 3 year old of this. Shelby is still waking up at 2 every night. Last night being the exception, she woke up at 4. Woohoo that's 2 extra hours of sleep for me. Now when I say she is waking up I mean that she wakes up from her bed and comes in to Jon and I's bed. Well this year (all 19 days of it) I have started waking up and taking her back to her bed when she does this instead of just moving over. I am hoping that she takes the hint. I have also started making her put her self to sleep with out me laying next the her. Yes call me horrible or what not but I have been making her cry herself to sleep some times nap time and bed time. I think in the long run that this will help her and me as well. If anyone has any advice to offer please I am all ears.


Monday, January 18, 2010


I am still really sick! I started getting sick on Friday. Shelby was sick all last week so of corse I am going to get it. My chest feels like a 400lb person is juming on it. I know I have Pnamoania, I have had it a few times before and know what it feels like. I have no Ins so going to the Dr. is out. unless I am not breathing I am not going to the ER either. I slept on the couch last night for a while Jon didn't what to leave me so he slept in the recliner. Miss Shelbers slept in her room till about 2 and then moved to the couch with me. That lasted about a hour before I went to bed. Jon got up and went to work about 4. He carried Shelby in to me so she might might sleep longer. I managed to get her to stay (quiet)till about 8 now thats a record. My fever is raising 104.3 Great and this day is only getting started.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First blog ever

Well it's 2010 (wow typing that is still hard) and I thought that in this new year I would start a blog. Not just so that people can be up to date on what is going on is our lives, also so I might be able to have a outlet of sorts (if that made and sense at all). I guess I should start this blog so that the ones who read it are all caught up. So here is a time line for the last couple of years.

June 2005 - Bought my new truck (thats not so new anymore)a Ford F-150 Super Crew 5.4 SLT 4x4 two tone silver

August 2005 - got pregnant with Shelby

Febuary 2nd 2006 - My cousin Joey was in a very very bad accident (I was raised with him living next door and being like a brother figure in my life) I was 6 mo pregnant with Shelby and found the accident and had to call and tell everyone.

May 1st 2006 - turned 21 and 9 months pregnant with Shelby

May 15th 2006 - at 7:06 P.M. after only about 4 hours of labor Shelby Lynn was born 6 lbs 8oz 18 inches long 10 perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes

August 19th 2006 - got married to Ben

May 16th 2007 - Found out a day after Shelby turned one that I was pregnant

July 17th 2007 - Lost Landen at 22 Weeks

November 17th 2007 - 6 months to the minute that I lost Landen my best friend of 22 years Mike was killed in a motorcycle accident.

May 2008 - Joey was sentaced to 2 and a half year in prison for the accident that killed the lady of the other car

July 2008 - Started working at Sloans ( a John Deere dealership) where I met Jon

August 2008 - Ben and I separated

November 2008 - Ben and I divorced

January 2009 - Shelby and I move in with Jon and his dad Kevin in St. Rose

March 2009 - Miscarried at 6 weeks

May 5th 2009 - Landed my dream Job with the Operator Engineers Local 520 (running Heavy equipment i.e. Trachoes cranes dozers ya know stuff like that)

June 18th 2009 - My grandfather that I was very close to passes away on my best friend Mike who passed away in 2007 birthday

July 5th 2009 - My Uncle Jason passes away at the age of 41, 16 days after his dad.

July 23rd 2009 - I fell at work and broke my back

October 30th - Chicken Pox yes I got the Chicken Pox at 24 it was not fun for anyone

November - 30th Chicken Pox spots gone yea!!!!

December 28th 2009 - I finally start getting work comp and dr care it has been a very long road.

and that brings us to today

January 17th 2010 - I start this blog

The last few years have had there fair share of ups and downs. Last year being the hardest on me. Losing my Poppy was tough and I still am having issues with that. Jon god love him was right there with me through the whole thing he never left my side. That is the only way I made it though those days. I have been off work for 6 months with Jon being the only one bring in money. He has never once complained about this. He takes very good care of Shelby and I. Making sure that our needs are met before his. I am so glad I found him.

I still help my dad farm and now Jon helps us to he is a John Deere Machinic and is a great resorce for my dad. I also help Jon and his dad farm there farm. I hope not to have to work after this comming year and just be able to help farm all the time with dad and Jon. I think I have everyone all caught up. I am going to try to post on here at least once a week if not once a day. Please feel free to comment and leve feed back wether good or bad I want to know.