Monday, January 18, 2010


I am still really sick! I started getting sick on Friday. Shelby was sick all last week so of corse I am going to get it. My chest feels like a 400lb person is juming on it. I know I have Pnamoania, I have had it a few times before and know what it feels like. I have no Ins so going to the Dr. is out. unless I am not breathing I am not going to the ER either. I slept on the couch last night for a while Jon didn't what to leave me so he slept in the recliner. Miss Shelbers slept in her room till about 2 and then moved to the couch with me. That lasted about a hour before I went to bed. Jon got up and went to work about 4. He carried Shelby in to me so she might might sleep longer. I managed to get her to stay (quiet)till about 8 now thats a record. My fever is raising 104.3 Great and this day is only getting started.

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