Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So as most of you know I LOVE sleep!!! My list of love goes

1. Sleep
2. Food
3. Shelby
4. Jon
5. Friends

Yes call me what you want I put sleep and food before my child and future husband. At least I don't hide it. In speaking of sleep, aren't children supposed to start sleeping through the night at 4 or 5 months? If this is the case then can someone please inform my 3 year old of this. Shelby is still waking up at 2 every night. Last night being the exception, she woke up at 4. Woohoo that's 2 extra hours of sleep for me. Now when I say she is waking up I mean that she wakes up from her bed and comes in to Jon and I's bed. Well this year (all 19 days of it) I have started waking up and taking her back to her bed when she does this instead of just moving over. I am hoping that she takes the hint. I have also started making her put her self to sleep with out me laying next the her. Yes call me horrible or what not but I have been making her cry herself to sleep some times nap time and bed time. I think in the long run that this will help her and me as well. If anyone has any advice to offer please I am all ears.


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  1. Well your not a horrible person sometimes you have to do what you need to. It is that ol saying about tough love sometimes i just has to be done.