Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well today started out very different. Jon was called off work this morning due to the rain, so he slept in with Shelby and I. That was nice. My alarm went off at 7 to get Shelbers up and ready for school. Jon being off offered to get her up and going and take her. Shelby was very excited about that. So we all got ready and took her to school. Droped her off everything was great. Jon and I came home and made breakfest then went over to the shop so he could work on some stuff and I could work on some billing. Well about 1030 I got a phone call from Shelbys teacher that she had been playing on a scooter in the gym and fell busting her chinn open. So off to the er we went. She was so good in the er untial they brought out the needle. So they had to put her in a little straight jacket it was sad. She ended up getting 2 stiches. They should get to come out next Wendsday. well that was my day. Hope yours was better.

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