Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

For my first wordless Wednesday I thought I would share a picture I took form the county fair last week. I guess we have to go back again next year for Shelby to defend her title in the pedal pull. More about this picture later this week. Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our county fair

Last night was the parade for our county fair. I being my absent minded self forgot the camera at home. I would have taken pics with my phone but I don't have a camera phone. Shelby Jon and I drove the truck for the Fuhler Constrction float. I should corrected that and say Jon and Shelby drove while I just sat back and waved at everyone. After the parade that ended at the fair grounds we hung out with everyone. Shelby had been amazing all day in the heat! So when we ran in to one of her friends and classmates who asked her if she wanted to ride a ride I automatically said yes. So off to the little roller coaster they went. No I am one of those kinds of people that I fear impeding doom all the time. So when I almost have to be drunk to feel safe watching my child get thrown around on this roller coaster. Yes it is meant for children her age and size but, that's my baby on there my one and only (as of right now changes coming soon). Shelby how ever had no fear. Her arms were straight up in the air screaming with glee at both turns. On the last lap I relaxed a little. The next ride she choose was the little airplanes. I didn't think that she would like that ride it was anti climatic to say the least. Her face showed that threw the whole ride. When she got off she announced that she would not ever ride that ride again. After the airplanes we went back to fine Jon. He scooped Shelby up placed her on his shoulders and went to talk to someone else while I got a hot dog. When I found them 5 minutes later Shelby had laid her head on top of his and was fast asleep. I asked him do you know Little bit is asleep up there? His response was yep shes fine oh look theres so and so. We left about a half hour later. Shelby slept the whole time.

Tomorrow at the fair is our busy night. Shelby has a pedal pull where she is going to defend her title from last year. Oh boy has she been practicing. Jon has his pull. The local Farm tractor pull. Where he and the Fuhler boys have a few titles to defend. I think in the 14,000 pound class and the 17,500 pound class. I know I will have pics on Thursday of that. I am not aloud to leave the camera at home on pull days. I hope you all are staying cool and having a great day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Taking off the training wheels

Last weekend Shelby decided that she was done with training wheels. I was not ready for this. Jon had to help her with this because being 10 days post op from a major back surgery, bending was not a option.

Shelby's plan did not work out so well. Jon said that she needs to learn to balance a little better. I don't know what Shelby and I would do with out Jon. The Brad Paisley song "he didn't have to be" fits Jon to a T. Jon Doesn't have to do 1/4 of the things that he does. Jon has told me more than once in the almost 3 years we have been together "you can leave but she (Shelby) stays". He reads to her every night.

He cant even mow grass with out his side kick. I am so thankful to have found a man who not only loves me but, loves my daughter as if she were his own. I hope every single mom can find there own Jon some day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Time

This weekend was the annual Mid Summer Classic antique tractor pull, Mudd volleyball, ASA Softball turnament horseshoes Lawn mower demo derby. Events start at 7 on Friday night and go till midnight on Sunday. Shelby and I went all three days as usual. If there is any event at the park we try really hard to go. Most all the events up there support our develepment club.

Lawn Mower Demo!!! This is a unique event. Sorry I have no pics of mud volleyball.

Antique Tractor pull on Sunday. I am not a fan of the antique tractor pull but I will go and support. They are neat to watch everyonce and a while. Be prepaired that it is the hight of tractor pull season around here so I am sure that there will be a few blogs on that.
While Shelby and I were at the tractor pull my cousins form the city came. Anna had never been before. Im not so sure Mike had either. I think they had a good time. We didnt stay long. Anna had wanted to learn how to drive a 4 wheeler. So even being less than 2 weeks post op from a major back surgery. I jumpped on and gave her a quick lesson.

She did great granted she only went 20 at the most but still she did it. I loved the family time. So did Shelby. I hope you all have a great day.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chicken Fettuccine Alfrado

Last night I made homemade chicken fettuccine Alfredo. I do this about once a month my family loves it. I was trying to get Shelby to help me this time but she fell asleep.

Here are all the ingredients I use for my recipe.

Please ignore my scratched up stove and 1970's kitchen. I break the noodles in half first. I think it makes it easier later on but who knows. Boil 1 pound noodles for 12 min. While the noodles are boiling. Melt a stick of butter. (I forgot to take a pic of that sorry)

So in the Large sauce pan you have melted the butter and are going to add 4 cups of Heavy whipping cream. stir them together.

At this point you add the salt and pepper. I use 3 teaspoons of salt and a tablespoon and a half of pepper. I would salt and pepper it to your taste. Bring it to a boil reduce the heat and boil gently about 3 to 5 min. until it starts to thicken.

I hand grated the Parmesan cheese earlier this week. Add three cups of cheese after you turn the heat off. stir stir stir until melted.

At this point your noodles are ready to be drained.

You finished sauce ready to mix or pour over however you like to do it. In our family we mix it all together.

I almost forgot I cooked the chicken right after lunch. I cut that up then just toss it in with the noodles and sauce.

The finished product with some Cesar salad and garlic Texas toast. mmmmMMMMM good.

Hope I made you all hungry now go cook!

Friday, July 8, 2011

What you'll see when you walk out our front door

I thought that today with the bright sun shine would be a great day to show you what we see when we walk out of our front door. In all directions.

In this picture you would be facing south and walking out the door on to the porch.

Looking west in this picture.

Lookin East here.

If I took one of the North you would be staring right at my kitchen. so instead I took one from up the road a ways. Hope everyone has a great day! Later Shelby and I are going to make some really good eats. I am thinking of taking pics and making another blog out of it. Now in typing that I think I will.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Papa and Shelby Time

Last week I had another back surgery the last one. My dad took over Shelby. I knew she would be just fine. When I asked my dad to keep her I did however forget that wheat harvest would be in full swing. With Shelby being 5 this is now her 5Th wheat harvest. I took her and her snug ride car seat with me in the combine for her first year. On our family farm I am the combine operator. So naturally Shelby was going to be brought up in one. We do a lot of custom harvesting. When I realized that Shelby would be with Papa I was a little concerned. Two years ago my wonderful fiance taught her to wash the windows while he was cutting his beans to keep her busy in his non buddy seat equip combine. When I told Shelby she was going to be with Papa for a week she was excited as all get out. So Monday night came around and my mother came and got her. I was told that Shelby woke up bright and early and told papa lets go. She did really well and I guess so did he. I wish I could have gotten pictures. My mother said that one night when she went to get Shelby out of the combine that she was sitting with her legs dangling fore her seat singing at the top of her lungs. I don't even what to managing what song if I had to guess i would go with International harvester!

(I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing and recovering form major back surgery so please hang in there with me. I am also not the greatest speller or do I have any grammar. these post are just what goes on in our 1500 acre lives. )