Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our county fair

Last night was the parade for our county fair. I being my absent minded self forgot the camera at home. I would have taken pics with my phone but I don't have a camera phone. Shelby Jon and I drove the truck for the Fuhler Constrction float. I should corrected that and say Jon and Shelby drove while I just sat back and waved at everyone. After the parade that ended at the fair grounds we hung out with everyone. Shelby had been amazing all day in the heat! So when we ran in to one of her friends and classmates who asked her if she wanted to ride a ride I automatically said yes. So off to the little roller coaster they went. No I am one of those kinds of people that I fear impeding doom all the time. So when I almost have to be drunk to feel safe watching my child get thrown around on this roller coaster. Yes it is meant for children her age and size but, that's my baby on there my one and only (as of right now changes coming soon). Shelby how ever had no fear. Her arms were straight up in the air screaming with glee at both turns. On the last lap I relaxed a little. The next ride she choose was the little airplanes. I didn't think that she would like that ride it was anti climatic to say the least. Her face showed that threw the whole ride. When she got off she announced that she would not ever ride that ride again. After the airplanes we went back to fine Jon. He scooped Shelby up placed her on his shoulders and went to talk to someone else while I got a hot dog. When I found them 5 minutes later Shelby had laid her head on top of his and was fast asleep. I asked him do you know Little bit is asleep up there? His response was yep shes fine oh look theres so and so. We left about a half hour later. Shelby slept the whole time.

Tomorrow at the fair is our busy night. Shelby has a pedal pull where she is going to defend her title from last year. Oh boy has she been practicing. Jon has his pull. The local Farm tractor pull. Where he and the Fuhler boys have a few titles to defend. I think in the 14,000 pound class and the 17,500 pound class. I know I will have pics on Thursday of that. I am not aloud to leave the camera at home on pull days. I hope you all are staying cool and having a great day.

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