Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Taking off the training wheels

Last weekend Shelby decided that she was done with training wheels. I was not ready for this. Jon had to help her with this because being 10 days post op from a major back surgery, bending was not a option.

Shelby's plan did not work out so well. Jon said that she needs to learn to balance a little better. I don't know what Shelby and I would do with out Jon. The Brad Paisley song "he didn't have to be" fits Jon to a T. Jon Doesn't have to do 1/4 of the things that he does. Jon has told me more than once in the almost 3 years we have been together "you can leave but she (Shelby) stays". He reads to her every night.

He cant even mow grass with out his side kick. I am so thankful to have found a man who not only loves me but, loves my daughter as if she were his own. I hope every single mom can find there own Jon some day.

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