Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Time

This weekend was the annual Mid Summer Classic antique tractor pull, Mudd volleyball, ASA Softball turnament horseshoes Lawn mower demo derby. Events start at 7 on Friday night and go till midnight on Sunday. Shelby and I went all three days as usual. If there is any event at the park we try really hard to go. Most all the events up there support our develepment club.

Lawn Mower Demo!!! This is a unique event. Sorry I have no pics of mud volleyball.

Antique Tractor pull on Sunday. I am not a fan of the antique tractor pull but I will go and support. They are neat to watch everyonce and a while. Be prepaired that it is the hight of tractor pull season around here so I am sure that there will be a few blogs on that.
While Shelby and I were at the tractor pull my cousins form the city came. Anna had never been before. Im not so sure Mike had either. I think they had a good time. We didnt stay long. Anna had wanted to learn how to drive a 4 wheeler. So even being less than 2 weeks post op from a major back surgery. I jumpped on and gave her a quick lesson.

She did great granted she only went 20 at the most but still she did it. I loved the family time. So did Shelby. I hope you all have a great day.

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