Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chicken Fettuccine Alfrado

Last night I made homemade chicken fettuccine Alfredo. I do this about once a month my family loves it. I was trying to get Shelby to help me this time but she fell asleep.

Here are all the ingredients I use for my recipe.

Please ignore my scratched up stove and 1970's kitchen. I break the noodles in half first. I think it makes it easier later on but who knows. Boil 1 pound noodles for 12 min. While the noodles are boiling. Melt a stick of butter. (I forgot to take a pic of that sorry)

So in the Large sauce pan you have melted the butter and are going to add 4 cups of Heavy whipping cream. stir them together.

At this point you add the salt and pepper. I use 3 teaspoons of salt and a tablespoon and a half of pepper. I would salt and pepper it to your taste. Bring it to a boil reduce the heat and boil gently about 3 to 5 min. until it starts to thicken.

I hand grated the Parmesan cheese earlier this week. Add three cups of cheese after you turn the heat off. stir stir stir until melted.

At this point your noodles are ready to be drained.

You finished sauce ready to mix or pour over however you like to do it. In our family we mix it all together.

I almost forgot I cooked the chicken right after lunch. I cut that up then just toss it in with the noodles and sauce.

The finished product with some Cesar salad and garlic Texas toast. mmmmMMMMM good.

Hope I made you all hungry now go cook!

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