Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Papa and Shelby Time

Last week I had another back surgery the last one. My dad took over Shelby. I knew she would be just fine. When I asked my dad to keep her I did however forget that wheat harvest would be in full swing. With Shelby being 5 this is now her 5Th wheat harvest. I took her and her snug ride car seat with me in the combine for her first year. On our family farm I am the combine operator. So naturally Shelby was going to be brought up in one. We do a lot of custom harvesting. When I realized that Shelby would be with Papa I was a little concerned. Two years ago my wonderful fiance taught her to wash the windows while he was cutting his beans to keep her busy in his non buddy seat equip combine. When I told Shelby she was going to be with Papa for a week she was excited as all get out. So Monday night came around and my mother came and got her. I was told that Shelby woke up bright and early and told papa lets go. She did really well and I guess so did he. I wish I could have gotten pictures. My mother said that one night when she went to get Shelby out of the combine that she was sitting with her legs dangling fore her seat singing at the top of her lungs. I don't even what to managing what song if I had to guess i would go with International harvester!

(I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing and recovering form major back surgery so please hang in there with me. I am also not the greatest speller or do I have any grammar. these post are just what goes on in our 1500 acre lives. )

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