Friday, January 20, 2012

Paula Deen

I am going to start by saying that I don't normally get involved in these types of things but this is something that is really bothering me.

Paula Deen has been on the news a lot lately for coming out and saying she has been a diabetic for 3 years. I have been listening to both sides one being that its her fault and she needs to stop trying to kill America with her cooking. The other being good for her more cleberitys need to come out and say Hey I have health issues just like the rest of you. My thoughts on this is you know what yes she uses butter and lard and sugar. But who cares what she makes how she makes it let alone how she eats it. I am all for making things she cooks just the way she cooks them but there's a difference we WORK it off. Being on a farm we move a lot there is not a who lot of sitting going on unless its in a tractor. Now don't get me wrong I could stand to lose a few pounds but I am in now way overweight. I will keep cooking Paula Deen style because its the kind of food that sticks with you all day when you might not know when your going to be able to stop and eat again or say you eat dinner (lunch) on a really busy day you might not get supper. You might be so dang tired that you come in and pass out in the chair. When I make lunch for My farmer and I homemade fried chicken fried in lard with mashed potatoes homemade gravy corn and biscuits or something along those lines is what I make. Because it sticks with you your not starving after a hour. So if you do come home and pass out in the chair your less likely to wake up starving. Then the days that you do get to come in for supper you still don't eat as much as you would if you would have had a lighter dinner. In all I guess my theory is it's not what you make or how you make it that is making everyone fat and unhealthy its getting off you ass and moving to make it worth eating that. I guess another reason why I cook the way Paula does is because "health food" is freaking expensive we raise our own cows pigs and chickens we also have a big garden in the spring and I can. I can make butter I have chickens that lay eggs I don't spend a whole lot of money at the grocery store. So if I were to decide that I wanted something healthy I would first have to drive the 20 min to the store spend about $100 for one meal drive the 20 min back home to make it and get asked "what the hell is this wheres the food" I cant see the logic behind that. Sorry I am going in a million different directions here but this has me pissed. Leave the lady alone for all we know it might not have been her cooking that led her to get diabetes she could have very well gotten a cold that settled in her pancerase and killed it. Leading her to need insulin. My ex husband had that happen to him at the age of 20. My uncle died of this desise I know all to much about it so I guess that's what gets me fired up. I guess that is all if you took the time to read my scattered thoughts and bad grammar thank you! I am trying to get better with spelling and grammar.

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