Friday, April 2, 2010

Fancy Ketchup

What is the deal with McDonald's? I took Shelby there for lunch today because were are going to the park. She gets her usual chicken nugget mighty kids meal and I get a 10 piece nugget with a sweet tea. (I know I am a bad Catholic) The lady/guy ask me if I wanted Ketchup and I said lots please. I pull up to the window the order is right so I pull away. We get home and I look in the bag and I got 4 Ketchup's that's it. Wow that's alot. What is wrong with the world today? I said alot and get 4. If the accidentally gave me 5 would I have to pay for that extra or what. I am pretty sure McDonald's can afford to give away ketchup. Ok sorry I had to go off a little.

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