Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our week so far

This has been our week so far. It started out with this.

Then lead to this.

Then this one last time.

After that was dont we started this.

That led to Shelby having to do this for hours.

While Farm boy planted corn Shelby thought she could go out in the field and follow him.

Well she just got stuck so I kept her busy on the grass running back and forth. I waited a while by the seed truck.

Then she went to far and I had to go fetch her.

I love living on a farm. Even if I am sarrounded by Green Tractors. (note to self find red tractors)

I haven't seen Farm boy much this week (when not on a tractor) He leaves for work early comes home and farms late in to the night. Shelby get to see him more than I do. (She can ride in the tractor with him I can't that is where she has taken most of her naps this week). Well I will leave you all with a parting shot I hope you enjoyed my week so far. (We still have to plant beans so you have been warned).

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