Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scratch and Sniff

I know I have been MIA for a little while. I guess I better catch you all up. I turned 25 Shelby turned 4. We had a party for her on sunday. It went amazing!!!! I started reciving shots in my back for pain. (just made it worse so far) We are living in the brick house by our selfs. (the president moved to the white house). Life has been ok so far this month.

I titled this post scratch and sniff becasue we were outside last night and I had wished that I could send the smells in the backyard to eveyone in the world. Ok just the few who read this. We live on a farm as most of you know from reading previous posts. When I walked out the back doo the first thing I was smelling was a evening storm. I my semlling abilties I think if you take a light rain on a 90 degree day and combine it with the smell of a strong storm brewing where you can smell the electric in the air. The next smell was the corn growing. This is not a smell I can decribe. I will try though. Kinda when you mix a light shower with dirt and a little sugar smell. Not really but something like that. After taking that in for a little while Farm boy burnt trash now normaly I would not stick around for that becasue you never know what smells are going to come out of that. For some reason last night I stayed. I am kinda glad I did. When he lit it first it smelled like burning paper. When it took though it started smelling like a bonfire with some Smors cooking and a burn hotdog. I love going outside durning the summer and smelling things. I am not looking foward to when Farm boy shoots the Skunk that is living in the Hay Shed.

I am getting so excited for this weekend!!!! This weekend is the start of TRACTOR PULL SEASON. Shelby is ready to watch Farm boy haul down the track. I am ready for that but more so for the food. Farm boy is ready to see all our friends drink some beer with them and see what the new tractor can do. I will post pic. on Tuesday of this weekend. I guess I should include Shelbys 4 year old picture first though were going to do a quick look back on this time last year.

That was 2009

Do you see a differance I am not sure I do 2010.
I guess I will through in another just for fun here is the pic I used for her 4 year pics.

or was it this one I dont rememeber

or maybe this one still not sure oh well

For your parting shot Shelby and Farm boy after her birthday party

Have a great day!!!

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