Sunday, May 30, 2010


OK so today is a holiday in this house. The first tractor pull of the season (that just so happens to be in our town). Today I am ready to sitt on my ass and watch. Watch the tractors that are just comming out of the field. Watch the tractors that are only for pulling. Drink and Drink and Drink. Next week we have to decide on weather or not we want to go to Kentucky or stay around home and go to a pull here. The Kentucky pull has a better track, different compition, little better payout and really really cheep food. The pull close to home is well not 4 hours a way, well I guess that is the extent of the pros for that pull. In a few hours I will be baking in the sun, drinking a nice cold beer, watching/ videoing the pullers as they try to walk it out the gate. "Warning" lots of pics might follow later or tomorrow.

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