Thursday, January 15, 2015

To much to fast

For the past couple of weeks my pain has been stedily increasing. In that time I have had to start using a walker. I am using the walker for extra support. I have been having horrible back spasums, when a spasum hits it is out of the blue and I fall to the floor. My right side has been my problem side sense my accident. Espically after that lady pulled out in front of me and I broke my leg standing on the breaks. Because of that and my back pain when a spasum hits my right leg goes limp and I fall. I now have a lovely scar at the corner of my left eye. I was walking into the potty a horrible back spasm hit and to the floor I went breaking the door frame and messing my face up in the process. I have lots of bumps burses and scrapes sense before the walker. I started this post yesterday, I was in a bad way yesterday. I honestly could not stay awake and the only place I could get comfortable was in the recliner. Last night was another very bad night. I am on new depression meds and it is really messing me up. Yesterday I felt like I had over dosed on some thing. It was the same last night except I was seeing thing that weren't there. Nic would wake up and I would be shaking again. I am hoping today is better. Shelby is sick. I cant remember the last time she has been this bad. Today if I can find a driver I am taking her to the doctor. This no driving thing isn't so bad. This is the only snag we have found is when something like this come up out of the blue. Sorry I am kind of all over the place with this post. I can feel my meds kicking in and I am getting sleepy again and starting to feel like crap. If I can I will try to do another blog today about my procedure. Have s good day everyone.

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