Saturday, March 27, 2010


Erin and I met when we were in child devolpment class in 2000. Wow has it really been 10 years. Erin and I hit is off instantly. We have had our ups and downs. As does every friendship. Erin has been there for me when I really needed her. I hope I have been there for her as much as she has for me. Erin has 2 beautiful children. I was appart of both of there births it was amazing and I will be forever greatful to her for alowing me to be appart of that. Erin is also a great phatografer. (yeah its spelled worng but whatever you get my drift) Erin is also my web designer. I have computer issues I call her. She just redesigned this blog. I love it!!! I think this is my way of telling Erin (who I believe is the only one who even reads this blog) THANK YOU! As much as this sucks to write I cant wait to see what the next Gulp 10 years are going to bring. I love you Erin.


Here is a link to Erin's website

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  1. :-) but 10 years. had to bring that one up huh?? God I feel old. love you