Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain :(

Rain. Somedays I like the rain. Somedays I hate the rain. Today is a hate the rain day. I am sick of this rain crap it is depressing! I am ready for warm summer days with no rain and tractors in the field. I might not be able to be the one in the tractor but I can at least watch the tractors go up and down the road. Or back and forth through the field in fron or behind the house. I am starting to get the hang of this sit do nothing thing. At least not be so depressed about it. Watching Farm boy in the field from the house I can still call him on the radio and tell him that he is doing it wrong. He never should have put a base station in the house and a radio in my truck. Don't get me wrong I love that instead of wasting 20 seconds digging out his phone then another 3 min calling mine becasue I have lost it again. He can now just hollar on the radio I am done in this field moving to this one. Or I am going to town you need anything? On my end I can now watch him work and depending on my mood I can get on the radio and hollar at him that he is doing it wrong. Or Food is ready. Oh wait we were talking about rain not my new radios. Back to Rain. It sucks. In the summer its not so bad becasue a nice shower when it is real hot out can be cooling. But right now its just plain cold. The wind is blowing hard and the ground is really saturated. So in conclusoin NO MORE RAIN!!!! I think I ended on the same subject I started?

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