Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My farm Boy

I met my farm boy when I was working at a John Deere dealer (gasp I know I know anyone that knows me knows that the green stuff is against my reglion). I am a Case IH girl through and through. It took my Farm Boy 6 months to get me to go on a date with him. Not that I didn't want to just that I wasn't sure of what I wanted at that point in time. When I finialy did say yes to that date, we went to Knotty Pine in Breese, it was nice and cozy. From there we went to Dutchmans and Pats. He took me back to my truck and I went home. The next night my Farm Boy ask me to come to his shop. So I did we talked and he noticed that my oil change in my truck was about 10,000 over due and that annoyed him to no end. So when I said oh I will get it changed tomorrow he told me that no were going to do it tonight and together. So off to walmart we went. We went out to eat at Pizza Hut and came back and changed my oil together. We have worked together ever scence. He has told me on more than one ocasion that he likes the fact that I will work beside him not behind him. He knows that I have grown up farming and loves that. He loves that he can call me from work and tell me to hook a a piece of equipment up to a tractor and go to work all without him having to watch and make sure I am doing it right. (before I broke my back now I just sit and do nothing) He knows that I am not affraid to ask him any questions becasue if he thinks I already know the answer he will tell me to think about the question and then answer it my self. If I still cant then he will explain it to me in my speak. I think and speak simple! I love my Farm boy. The day that Shelby first me him we were working at the John Deere dealer together and my dad had her she couldn't go to daycare because she was sick. Well Papa needed parts so he brought her in covered in choclate, dirt and some sticky supstance he put her up on the parts counter and ordered his parts. I took every baby wipe I had sent with him and tried to clean her up. In the process Farm boy cam up from the back and needed something. It was love at first site Shelby jumped off the counter and went to the back and wached Farm boy walk in to the shop. She cam back up front and waited the second she herd the door form the shop open she ran and jumped in to farm boys arms. He held her tight and carried her everywhere. I could see form that moment that this guy was the right one for us. He loved us both. Today Farm Boy is working construction telling me that I need to keep my head up that things will work out and my back will get better Shelby is just as much in love with him as the day she met him. She greats him everynight with a hug and kiss and I messed you. He kisses us goodbye everymorning with a I love you and be good for both of us. My farm boy never yells at me or Shelby just gives us a stern look every now and a again when we need it. I love my Farm boy and cant imagain a day with out him.

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