Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey Hoosier!!!

This phrase is one of the most used phrases in our house. Usually this phrase is called out by Farm boy or myself. If Farm Boy is the one saying it then either Shelby or myself are the recpient. Yes I myself need to be told every once in a while. I guess I should tell you what Hey Hoosier means.

Hey Hoosier: Your butt is hanging out pull up your pants!

Shelby cannot help being told Hey Hoosier! She has no butt so her pants just fall off. I have yet to find Jeans that will stay up on her that don't require modifaction.

I on the other hand just have gained a few extra pounds so mine just dont fit right I know it is no excuse but what can I say I love food.

So if you are ever around here and hear Hey Hoosier you might want to check to make sure it is not geared toward you :)

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