Friday, March 26, 2010


4/12/10 Henyarita died last night were not sure why. Shelby is very saddened by this. I think life will go on it might be hard for a while but we will be fine.

We have this Chicken her name is Henyarita. We got her and 53 other last May. Henyarita is the only servior. 50 of the others were butcher chickens. The other 3 were layers. 2 of the layers were eatin by our dog. 1 of the layers we think was eatin by a mink. So that left Henyarita, who has become a chicken/dog. What I mean by that is well let me just show you some pictures. This is Shelby hold one of the chicks in May this is how she started.

This is Henyarita now.

And this

and this

and well this she followes Shelby everywhere and anwsers to her name Chick/dog.

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